Saltersgate School is part of the Dalkeith Schools Community Campus located on the outskirts of Dalkeith which we share with Dalkeith High School and St David’s RC School.  We support pupils who have a wide range of additional support needs between 5 and 18 years of age.

Our School has both Primary and Secondary departments who benefit from a team of specialist teachers offering P.E. and swimming, Outdoor Education, Art and Design, Music, CDT, ICT, Home Economics and Science.  Senior Phase pupils in the Secondary department are also offered a wide range of option classes which have included Cycling, Outdoor Art, Travel and Leisure, Events, Grow to eat and Performing Arts.

In addition to the use of Swimming pools, bikes and Specialist teaching rooms pupils may use our multi-sensory room, ball pool, soft play or hydrotherapy pool to aid their development.  Within our school we are also fortunate to have a team of therapists and nurses who are on hand to support our learners.

All prospective learners and their families are welcome to visit our school.  Please enjoy viewing our website.

School Motto

Living to learn. Learning to live.

Our School Vision

A happy school family where everyone works together, supporting each other to grow, learn and take on what comes with each and every day.

Our Values

We respect everyone unconditionally.

We value what we can do together.

We use creative approaches to take on what comes with each and every day.

We strive to achieve all that we can.

Ethos and Culture Statement

In order to achieve the best for and from every learner we will:

  1. Celebrate learner’s achievements both in and out of school through assemblies, displays of learners work, learning logs and personal profiles.
  2. Use a range of total communication methods to engage with learners who have difficulties, e.g. signifiers, symbols, Signalong, PECs and augmentative communication.
  3. Provide opportunities for learners to reflect on their own learning and discuss this with others.
  4. Develop learners’ personal and social skills and promote health education and healthy living throughout the school.
  5. Promote and encourage equality and fairness. Any incidents of inequality, racism, sectarianism, bullying and discrimination are dealt with promptly and consistently.
  6. All have high expectations of standards of behaviour and learners are supported to develop skills of self-regulation and appropriate social skills. Positive behaviour is encouraged and supported.
  7. Use multi-agency approaches in line with GIRFEC to support learners and their families and to work closely with agencies to ensure positive outcomes for learners.
  8. Encourage learners to participate in making decisions that affect the school and to play an active part in putting the values of the school into practice.