Coming to Saltersgate

During your child’s time in our school our wish is that your child will be happy, make the most of their educational opportunities and realise their potential. As well as focusing on their academic development we place great importance on personal and social development and skills they will need for the future.

There are equal opportunities for all children in the school, irrespective of gender, ability, race or religion.

The enthusiastic staff in Saltersgate School form a dedicated team of professionals who work together to do their best for the children entrusted to their care. Our curriculum is built around the learning needs of each individual and offers opportunities for success in all areas of learning and development. Our pupils are very important to us and their achievements, however small, make our job worthwhile. However we can’t do it on our own; we need the ongoing support of all our parents.

We hope you will have confidence in us and we will welcome you whenever you wish to talk to us. The door is always open to you and we will work in partnership with you in the important task of developing your child to be all they can be.

During the session there will be meetings for parents to help support their child in their learning and we look forward to meeting you then. However if you have any concern or information you need to share with us please do not hesitate to contact the school either in person, by phone or e-mail.

Transitions into Saltersgate

Pupils are allocated a place at Saltersgate through a formal admissions process led by the Placement Advisory Group (PAG). This group is made up of Senior Officers within Children and Families.

There are many possibilities as to when a pupil may be allocated a place at Saltersgate, for example:

  • At the beginning of their P1 year i.e. the transition from Nursery to Primary.
  • At any stage during their Primary School career.
  • At the beginning of their S1 year i.e. the transition from Primary to Secondary.
  • At any stage during their Secondary School career.

All pupils who are identified as potentially requiring a place at Saltersgate will be involved in the MAPSS process. This will involve the pupil and parents as well as all appropriate agencies (e.g. Education, Health, Social Work staff etc.) being involved in a series of planning meetings and assessment activities that aim to build up an accurate profile of the child. This profile will take the form of a Children and Young Persons Multi-Agency Plan (CYP MAP). The CYP MAP (in agreement with parents and all agencies) will be presented to the PAG who will then in turn decide if a place at Saltersgate would be appropriate for the pupil.


When a place at Saltersgate has been allocated to a pupil, the pupil and family will be involved in an enhanced transition programme aimed at supporting the family through the transition process. Activities within this programme will involve further meetings between professionals, meetings with pupil/parents and school staff, familiarisation visits to the school as well as the provision of resources such as social stories, timetables etc. A clear transition programme will be communicated to the parents.


Every child’s placement in Saltersgate School will be reviewed on an annual basis, through their annual review and if it was felt that the school was no longer appropriate then the process for creating a CYP MAP would be started and the pupil would be referred back to PAG.


Click on link below to view the Transition booklet used for new parents for 2017-18.


New Pupils Induction Handbook 2017-18-28mnwcp