Update : Monday 23rd March

Saltersgate School remains open to all our families, with the following exceptions:

  1. Those families who are self-isolating.
  2. Those families who are keeping their child at home due to underlying health conditions.

Transport will be provided for all families.

All families should by now have received a letter from school explaining the current position. If you have not been contacted please contact the school office.


Advice for helping children, young people and their families manage their anxiety about COVID-19

There is a great deal of information, coverage and opinion circulating about COVID-19. The document linked below aims to provide reliable advice, information and a list of trustworthy links for supporting children, young people and their families during this time.
The document contains the following information:
1. Information specifically for children and young people relating to COVID-19
2. Advice for speaking to, and supporting, children and young people about COVID-19
3. Support for children, young people and families who may experience additional worry due to a range of different circumstances they may be in and situations they may be facing
4. Looking after the adults who care for children.

COVID19 -managing anxiety – advice for supporting children and young people


Students with Underlying Health Conditions – 17th March

Following recent Scottish Government and Midlothian Council advice on underlying health conditions for adults, we are asking parent/carers to be vigilant to any condition that applies to their children.
Parent/carers are best placed to make a decision regarding the health of their children.  We advise that this is in collaboration with NHS services.  Parent/carers are advised to refer to NHS Inform website in the first instance, and if necessary NHS 111.  
School staff are available to discuss how we move forward in these challenging circumstances.
If underlying health conditions apply to your child it is highly likely parent/carers should adopt social distancing principles and their child should not attend school.
The underlying conditions the Government has identified are as follows,  please follow the link and read selectively as aspects of the advice applies only to adults.


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