Craft, Design and Technology 

Within Technologies at Saltersgate School, Craft Design & Technology delivers a broad spectrum of opportunities of Active Learning across the subject area. We deliver a diagnostic, student centred, curriculum led programmes within The Curriculum for Excellence and for SQA certified courses. Topics have been designed to follow the CfE Experiences and Outcomes and the Whole School topic areas to give context to the constructions. Throughout the 3 year rolling program pupils will have had access to a broad education of technological practices.

CDT allows lower secondary pupils the opportunity to use hands on problem solving skills to construct small items of interest. Learners experience using materials, tools, equipment in the building and constructing of artefacts. They have an input into choosing what they are making.


Highly innovative, project-based, leaning opportunities and experiences are selected with learners’ interests. Programmes of study are tailored to individuals’ specific learning needs and preferred learning styles. CDT has a specially designed workshop to allow pupils with a wide range of needs access to the curriculum. To get a pupil ready for the workshop setting they are taught about health and safety aspects of a workshop and how to keep themselves safe. This is a fundamental practice that we at Saltersgate strive to achieve.


Opportunities to experience the wide range of technologies from Practical Craft Skills, Digital Imaging, ICT, Electronics, New and Emerging Technology skills and Technical Theatre Skills, amongst many others, are delivered in dynamic and inclusive ways for each Learner.


The main thrust is empowering young people to build their abilities’ and confidence through learning and developing in active and experiential ways. Strategies for learning and teaching are constantly reviewed and adjusted as work progresses and develops.


Some of the projects that will be delivered this year include:


Suggested Senior Courses:

PCS Option

Practical Craft Skills National 1

Practical Craft Skills National 2

Practical Craft Skills National 3



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