In Home Economics at Saltersgate School, learners are offered a variety of learning experiences in the setting of the specialist Home Economics Room.  Learners work in a stimulating environment, learning through practical activities and investigative approaches with regular opportunities to reflect on what they have learned.  Learners in all year groups regularly carry out self and peer assessment tasks to support learning and inform next steps.

S1 – S3                    

The S1 – 3 Home Economics courses at Saltersgate School follow two progression routes designed to effectively meet the needs of all our learners.  Both routes give learners opportunities to develop a range of skills set within the Curriculum for Excellence contexts of Health and Wellbeing, numeracy, literacy and technologies.

Course content in S1 and 2 includes kitchen hygiene and safety, working with kitchen equipment, introduction to healthy eating and development of kitchen skills.  In S3, learners consolidate skills gained in S1 / 2 in addition to developing new skills. Learning experiences in S3 are designed to allow for progression into certification opportunities which are offered in the senior phase.


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