Information, Communication Technology


Within Technologies at Saltersgate School, ICT delivers a broad spectrum of opportunities of Active Learning across the subject area. We deliver a diagnostic, student centred, curriculum led programmes within The Curriculum for Excellence and for SQA certified courses. Topics have been designed to follow the CfE Experiences and Outcomes and the Whole School topic areas to give context to the constructions. Throughout the 3 year rolling program pupils will have had access to a broad education of technological practices.


ICT allows secondary pupils the opportunity to use technological products in our newly extended ICT room. The course is adapted and tailored to meet the pupils’ needs and abilities. Skills developed include:

  • Switches
  • Eyegaze
  • Using a computer
  • Working with text
  • Working with graphics and digital images
  • Researching information
  • Programming
  • Digital 3D modelling
  • Presentations
  • Statistical information

Highly innovative, topic-based, leaning opportunities and experiences are selected with learners’ interests. Programmes of study are tailored to individuals’ specific learning needs and preferred learning styles. ICT has a specially designed Computer suite to allow pupils with a wide range of needs access to the curriculum. As well as timetabled access for Secondary pupils with the ICT teacher all pupils have access to the ICT Suite with their class teacher.

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As pupils progress to the senior phase they have the opportunity to achieve National Qualifications.

Programs / Websites used

Look to Learn Lego Digital Designer Kudo Games Lab
Education City Helpkidzlearn Microsoft Office
Google Sketch Up  Clicker 6