Within the Science Department at Saltersgate School, Science and the Environment are delivered in a number of different ways with the pupils actively engaged in their learning across the subject area. We deliver a diagnostic, student centred, curriculum led programmes within The Curriculum for Excellence at all levels and for SQA certified courses. Topics have been designed to follow the CfE Experiences and Outcomes and the Whole School topic areas to give context to the courses. Throughout the 3 year rolling program pupils will have had access to a broad education of Science, and Environmental Science.

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Science and Environmental Studies in the Lower school incorporate Biology, Chemistry and Physics at an accessible level depending on the young person’s needs. With safety a priority it teaches how to handle potentially harmful equipment and scenarios with responsibility and conscientiousness. Topics include Adaptation, the Human Body, Forces, Energy, Horticulture, Chemical Reactions and Sustainability. These are combined into a programme of interlinked lessons which encourage apathy, understanding and sympathy with our changing planet, changing culture and striving to protect the planet. This also links in to our eco schools aims.

Opportunities in many areas of cross curricular work include gardening, literacy, ICT, numeracy, and health and wellbeing

 The main thrust is empowering young people to build their abilities’ and confidence through learning and developing in active and experiential ways. Strategies for learning and teaching are constantly reviewed and adjusted as work progresses and develops.