All learners’ progress is carefully monitored throughout the year. For the majority of our pupils we use ‘Learning Tracks’ which was developed by Lindy Furby and Jilly Catlow. It is a framework that allows us to track the often small but very significant steps in pupil’s learning. It is a way for us to  formally recognise these achievements, evidence them and use them to plan their next steps. We also track pupil’s progress within each learner’s IEP targets, classroom observations and regular discussions between class staff, parents and members of the leadership team. The outcome of which informs future planning.



The school follows the Scottish Government guidance on assessment. This seeks to develop a streamlined and coherent system of assessment for all Scottish schools that will support learning. It ensures that parents and carers, teachers and other professionals have the feedback they require on pupil’s learning and development needs and to provide better feedback to pupils, leading to improved achievement and clearer information for parents.



Pupils are supported to reflect on their learning and select items of their own work which demonstrates their achievements. At P7 and S3 these are then recorded in an e-portfolio. Throughout the year learners will, with appropriate assistance, collate a log of their learning which will inform this process.



The school reports to parents in a variety of ways. Two written reports are sent to parents annually; a short report is sent to parents or carers prior to their child’s annual school review and a full report, detailing your child’s achievements towards their targets is sent home in May prior to parent’s night.

A ‘Meet the team’ evening is held at the beginning of the new school year where parents and carers are invited into school to get to know each other and the staff team that will be working with their child. They can find out about how their child is settling into the new school year, the plans for the year ahead and the routines and structure of the classes. They can meet specialist teachers and lots of external agencies that are available to provide support and guidance where needed.

Parents and carers are also invited to a 1:1 parents consultation meeting with the class teacher where the main focus of discussion is establishing the most relevant learning for the pupil’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) targets. There is a Parent’s nights which is held at the end of the school year to discuss pupil’s progress towards their targets.

Every child in Saltersgate has an annual review where the pupil, parents or carers, teacher and other professionals meet to discuss the child’s progress, highlight concerns or challenges and an action plan is prepared. All pupils are encouraged to take an active part in their review, sharing their learning and expressing their views.

Detailed observations of significant pieces of learning are being sent home regularly to keep parent’s and carers informed of their child’s progress.