Sensory experiences

We interpret the world through out seven senses:
• What we see
• What we smell
• What we hear
• What we touch
• What we taste
• Where our body is in relation to balance, movement and gravity – our vestibular sense. For example: to know you are moving when in a lift, being able to walk along a balance beam.
• Where our body is in space – our proprioceptive sense. For example: being able to clap your hands with your eyes closed, writing with a pencil with the correct pressure, getting through a narrow space.

Some people have difficulties processing sensory information; have difficulties in tolerating different types of sensory stimulus or need additional sensory stimulus compared to others. In order to support pupils in our school who have these difficulties we provide a variety of sensory experiences tailored to their individual needs. These experiences can include:
• Blowing bubbles
• Finger painting
• Balance boards/beams/stepping stones.
• Tactile road (different materials to walk across)
• Gluck (cornflour and water)
• Playdough
• Sand play
• Water play
• Musical instruments
• Tasting different foods
• Tacpac (program of communication through touch and music)