Transition from Secondary to Post-School Destinations

During a learner’s time in the Senior Phase of the school they will be given the opportunity to visit and possibly experience a range of post-school opportunities, this could include visits to Edinburgh College, being involved in supported volunteering or support by our staff to attend a link with a specific post-school provider.


It is important that planning starts early and a proposed leaving date is identified to allow for a leaving pathway of opportunities to be put in place. Parents are invited to discuss what to expect throughout the transition process at annual transition review meetings and also at parents evening where there is often representation by agencies that can support the transition process.


There is an annual 16+ Midlothian Transition Forum to support transition planning where key professionals discuss the identified support required and recommendations are made as to who best to provide that support.


Once a young person has left school their progress is monitored by Skills Development Scotland and where appropriate Community Care.


The Thistle Foundation Project is now in its second year. All of our leavers over the last three years have left school going on to an identified destination with some moving on to college, supported work, day placement at a specialist provision or a package built up around them to meet their needs. Unfortunately not all were able to sustain their placements and have required the support of Maria Glen, Activity Agreement Worker, who has worked with them to identify alternative opportunities.


In the senior phase we offer a range of accreditation and recognition of achievement through SQA units and courses at National 1, 2 and 3 levels, Caledonian Awards and ASDAN. Our learners are given the opportunity to attend a link to one of our partner high schools on the campus if they are felt to be able to achieve units or courses that they are delivering, some of our young people achieved Intermediate 2 Woodworking Skills last session with one of them achieving the highest mark in the class.