The aim of a Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme is to empower children to highlight road safety issues within their school. This can be done through raising awareness amongst other pupils, teachers and the community, while maintaining links with their Road Safety Officer (RSO). Learn more clicking here(external link).

Schools are encouraged to appoint two senior pupils to become JRSOs for a one year period. Their role is to maintain a road safety noticeboard, deliver presentations to classes or assemblies, and run road safety competitions within their school. They may also be given themes for the year to work on, but these can be broad enough to include their own local initiatives.

The JRSO scheme has a dedicated website, which is constantly being updated with games and competitions. The site includes a ‘Staff Room’ area with information for teachers and a ‘Members Area’ specifically for the JRSOs.

There are a number of downloadable documents on the site which give information on setting up and running a local JRSO scheme.